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The Home Buying Process

I was doing some research recently and found that the #1 reason people choose to continue renting rather than buying is because they feel the homebuying process will be too overwhelming. Unthinkable to me! Having helped so many people get into their first homes, I know that the process can sometimes be a little difficult. However, I am blown away to think that we are doing such a poor job educating the general public about the home buying process that they just don’t even want to go there. So, I am setting out to set the record straight.

Yes, when you buy a home it is not as simple as running to the Walmart and picking up some toilet paper. Yes, you will have to do some work. Yes, you will likely encounter at least one issue that will make you worry or feel stressed. BUT – if you are being led through the process by competent, knowledgeable professionals, you have no need to fear!

The home buying process, in a condensed form, is actually incredibly simple. First, you get pre-approved through a local mortgage lender or bank. When you are pre-approved, you will know what you can afford and what the bank will lend you. Then, we will start your home search based on the price restrictions and your needs. It is my job to help you figure out what you need! More often than not, what you think you will be buying isn’t exactly what you pictured. But! It is what you need and can AFFORD.

Once we have picked the house, we place an offer on the home. This will involve several documents that will show the seller you mean business. We may do some negotiating back and forth, but most of the time you will find yourself under contract.

Once you are under contract, we will do some inspections on the home. You want to make sure you know what you are buying. If we find something terribly wrong with the home (sink hole, roof caving in, etc.), we walk away from the deal and find something else. No biggie.

After that, we just give the mortgage guys some time to get your loan fully approved. And then – its closing day! This process all-in-all will typically take about a month to a month and a half once you find the house and have a contract.

The good news in all of this is I can pretty well say I’ve seen (most of) it all before and will know how to handle anything that stresses you out. I have a long list of people for us to turn to at the needed steps, from great lenders to great home inspectors and even some great termite people.

See! It may feel complicated, but I just condensed it all to less than a page. You may feel overwhelmed, but I want you to trust me. It doesn’t have to be.